Our Process

How It Works

While the materials gathered may vary, the process for our residential and commercial clients is the same. We believe strongly in clear communication with our clients through every step in the process. Our team is here to help you navigate your donation from start to finish.


Give Us a Call

Are you deciding between demolition and deconstruction? Gathering all the information necessary to make an informed decision is crucial. Give us a call, and we can schedule a FREE inspection from one of our Project Engineers.


Get a FREE Inspection

Our Project Engineers will conduct an exhaustive inspection of your property. While on-site, they will take all the measurements and photos necessary for your appraisal.


Get a Quote

Within 24-48 hours of your inspection, you will receive an email with the estimated value range of the Fair Market Value of your donation


Let’s Work Together

After your quote is received, you will get an engagement packet that includes information regarding our IRS-compliant appraisal.


Begin Deconstruction

We will connect you with a non-profit or contractor to complete the deconstruction process if you don’t have one in mind. After speaking with a CPA or tax advisor, you will notify the deconstruction crew of your preferred pick up time and date for the deconstructed materials and/or personal property.


The Appraisal Process

Once your house has been deconstructed and the materials have been donated, we receive a detailed itemized donation receipt that is used to conduct our research. Your appraisal and IRS form 8283 will arrive 4-6 weeks later