Appraisal Process -- June 24, 2024
Where to Donate Building Materials: A Guide to Maximizing Benefits and Supporting Communities
Donating building materials can be a rewarding way to contribute to the community while also reaping significant tax benefits. As a company with 20 years of experience in deconstruction appraisal services, we have a deep understanding of the value of salvaged materials and extensive connections with non-profit organizations across the…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- June 12, 2024
Deconstruction vs. Demolition: Which to Choose?
When considering property redevelopment or site clearance, two primary methods come into play: deconstruction and demolition. While both clear a residential or commercial site for future use, deconstruction can provide a much larger financial benefit. Deconstruction, the careful dismantling of structures to salvage materials, is the more sustainable, economical, and…
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Residential Deconstruction -- December 16, 2022
Deconstruction Benefits in Real Estate: Interview with Broker Adrienne Mickels
Ever wondered how deconstruction can benefit all parties involved in real estate? Green Donation Consultants sat down with Adrienne Mickels, Broker with Raleigh Custom Realty and Certified Green Donation Specialist to talk through the process and advantages that deconstruction provides.   Where do you primarily work?  The Triangle area of Raleigh, NC.…
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Tax Deduction -- December 16, 2022
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) may bring big savings
The Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”) may impact clients of Green Donation Consultants (“GDC”). This article is not tax advice, as eligibility should be determined by a tax professional. The IRA provides incentives to replace certain building materials, appliances, fixtures, and other reusable items. GDC provides appraisals for individuals and businesses…
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Tax Deduction -- November 3, 2021
Fact Sheet on How to Save with Deconstruction Services
Deconstruction services involve the process of strategically dismantling a building, home, or virtually any sizeable structure. The purpose of this particular process is to salvage and reuse the functional parts saved through the careful steps involved. Green Donation Consultants supports residential and commercial deconstruction, encouraging property owners, real estate groups,…
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Residential Deconstruction -- October 22, 2021
Green Building Materials for Construction – Part 2
Big tax deductions provide significant motivation to pursue residential and commercial deconstruction. Donating deconstruction materials can also yield substantial potential savings. Consider green building materials for your next construction project to multiply your impact. For green building projects, deconstructed materials will be used as much as possible. When deconstructed building…
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Residential Deconstruction -- September 24, 2021
Green Building Materials for Construction – Part 1
Can residential deconstruction and commercial deconstruction help you get significant tax deductions? Yes. Does donating deconstruction materials to non-profit organizations provide critical support for those less fortunate in our local communities? Yes. Win, win. But if you’re like us, we always look for as many wins as possible for our…
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Residential Deconstruction -- August 13, 2021
Don’t Demolish Homes. Deconstruct Homes to Preserve Materials
Community growth is good. It’s typically a sign of positive change. More business, more friendly neighbors, more opportunities. As communities grow, there will inevitably be significant changes over time. Change can be good. But the characteristics of that change are very important to pay attention to. All too often, structures…
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Donate Building Materials -- July 27, 2021
How Helping Your Community, Helps You
Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there is significant importance in investing in your community. When you support the environment you live in, the rewards ripple outwards, positively impacting everyone. By choosing deconstruction, you are helping your community both directly and indirectly, producing positive consequences…
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Donate Building Materials -- July 21, 2021
Deconstruction In a Hot Real Estate Market
Over the last year and a half, many areas of the country have seen some of the most significant jumps in real estate prices in decades. With prices through the roof, is deconstruction a better deal, or is it more profitable to wait till prices dip? While we aren’t real…
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