Why Deconstruction?

When You Give, You Receive
(Tax Benefits & Much More)

If you own a residential property that needs to be renovated or demolished, take a moment to consider the huge benefits that deconstruction has to offer. An old home may not be fit to live in, but the building materials could be immensely useful to hundreds of nonprofits across the country. What if you could accomplish the demolition or renovation of your home while helping others, saving money, and positively impacting the environment? All of this is possible when you call Green Donation Consultants.

Deconstruction Offers Big Advantages for Homeowners


Capture Big Tax Benefits

Many homeowners don’t realize that the materials from their house are actually a valuable asset. These materials can be DONATED to qualified non-profits across the county and provide the homeowner with significant tax benefits. The donation can potentially put thousands of dollars back in their pocket.


Reduce Waste In Our Landfills

We are passionate about reducing the amount of building materials going to our landfills. We strongly believe these materials should be reused whenever possible.


Your Donation Can Help Thousands

Thousands of non-profit organizations rely on the donation of building materials to be able to complete their mission. Whether it is building shelter for those less fortunate, or providing construction job training during the deconstruction process, a donation can have a far-reaching, positive impact on our world.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Green Donation Consultants is able to provide you with the necessary documentation required for you to claim the tax benefits.. First, our residential clients will want to choose an approved and qualified 501 (C) 3 charity that accepts building materials. We are happy to assist you in locating an appropriate charity, or you can find one by visiting the official IRS website.

Once you have picked a qualified charity, the residential property will be deconstructed by a team of trained contractors. Nonprofits that accept building materials from deconstruction will often have their own crew or will arrange the process for you.

After deconstruction, you will need to file your tax return with a qualified appraisal. For any donation with a fair market value of over $5,000, you will need a qualified appraisal completed by a IRS-Qualified appraiser. Green Donation Consultants will be able to provide you with all the paperwork you need to file with the IRS and capture your tax benefits.