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Learn How to Create Additional Profit for Your Clients’ Transactions By Utilizing Deconstruction.

Many real estate agents and brokers don’t realize that the materials disposed of during demolition or renovation can be leveraged to provide their clients with significant tax savings. When you become knowledgeable about deconstruction, you can add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your clients’ transactions, and you become their hero in the process. Invest just 30-minutes to learn a few basic facts you need to know to add deconstruction to your business toolbox.

“I have been using deconstruction as a sales tool for three years now, and I’m closing an additional 60-80 deals a year!”

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Melissa Larson, Real Estate Agent from Keller Williams, shares the process in which she utilizes the tax incentives provided by deconstruction to save her clients money, grow her business, and expand her real estate expertise.

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    Deconstruction: The GREEN Alternative

    How agents and brokers can take advantage of the benefits of deconstruction to make clients’ transactions more profitable and grow their brokerage business.

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    Green Donation Specialist Certification

    Ready to learn everything you need to know to add tens of thousands of dollars of additional value to your clients’ transactions, close more deals, and exponentially grow your brokerage business? Become a Green Donation Specialist with just four 30-minute, in-depth virtual training classes by filling out your information below.

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      “My client was going to rip out the kitchen. I mentioned deconstruction as an option, introduced Green Donation Consultants, and they added $38,000 in value for my client. It is all my client talks about now!”

      “I am getting referrals on renovation projects every week… I have become the wizard of winning reno deals.”

      “It is so easy… no extra work… no extra cost… and GDC is my resident expert!”

      “All I can say is “Have you heard about deconstruction?”… and Green Donation Consultants handles it all and gives my clients the platinum treatment.”