Category: Appraisal Process

Appraisal Process -- April 1, 2021
What Is Fair Market Value?
One of the most common questions that arise while clients review their appraisal is, "What is fair market value?" It is commonly misunderstood as the price that someone paid for an item initially, but that isn't true. It is important to note that fair market value (FMV) is much different…
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Appraisal Process -- March 24, 2021
Green Demolition: The Benefits are Far-Reaching
When deciding between traditional demolition and green demolition, known as deconstruction, you may be looking at the pros and cons. It can seem so much more straightforward to knock a residential or commercial building down, clean up, start with a clean slate. While traditional demolition may be faster, you are…
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Appraisal Process -- March 5, 2021
The Dangers of Choosing the Wrong Appraisal Firm
So you have already decided to deconstruct your property, but now you need to choose an appraisal firm to complete the necessary paperwork for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). How do you know what appraisal firm is better than another? Picking the wrong personal property appraisal firm can have serious…
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