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Commercial Deconstruction -- January 27, 2021
Benefits of Commercial Deconstruction
Investing in commercial deconstruction leads to higher property valuations and "greener pastures" as a differentiated leader in real estate development. New commercial real estate development typically has been about creating a “clean slate” via demolition before developing a property. Realizing users appreciated and generally paid higher rents for unique properties…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- January 12, 2021
How Builders Benefit From Deconstruction
How builders can take advantage of deconstruction and donation benefits to grow their brand and their business.  Why Should Builders Choose Deconstruction Deconstruction allows builders to offer more value to buyers and the deconstruction process takes virtually no additional effort on behalf of the builder. Residential remodeling and development is…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- November 6, 2020
Hotel Furniture Donation: All You Need to Know
Where do hotels donate their old furniture during a remodel? It’s a question many of us have had over the years, and if you run a hotel, you’ve likely considered your options more than once. It would be such a waste to toss old chairs or dressers in the trash…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- August 1, 2020
6 Surprising Components You Wouldn’t Think are Deconstructable But Are…
Earlier this month, we wrote about four reasons why deconstruction has several advantages over demolition. One of the benefits was that salvaged materials can be repurposed or salvaged for future use. You may not believe it at first glance, but according to Maura McCarthy of BluHomes, 75 to 90% of…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- July 1, 2020
Deconstruction – Construction in Reverse
What Is Deconstruction and How Is It Done? Demolition, completely tearing down an existing structure with no intention of reusing or recycling any of the materials, with the aim of making way for a new structure or the sale of the subsequent empty lot, is quick. But one should not…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- December 12, 2017
5 Benefits of Deconstruction as a Motel or Hotel Owner
For many real estate investors, franchisees, and independent owners of hotels and motels, one of the most important ways to stay viable and desirable in the competitive hospitality industry is through regular updates and upgrades. Serving a variety of purposes, regular renovations are part of the bottom line budget and…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- October 30, 2017
5 Reasons Why Deconstruction Is More Eco-Friendly Than Demolition
You know that deconstruction is kind to your wallet at tax time. But did you know that it’s just as kind to the environment? Whether you are a homeowner looking for an eco-friendly alternative to demolition on your kitchen renovation or an architect interested in burnishing your credentials as a…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- October 25, 2017
5 Famous Deconstructed Buildings that Were Recently In the News
Deconstruction involves the careful teardown of a building that its property owner no longer needs. Some buildings are completely deconstructed to their foundation. Others are partially deconstructed. In all circumstances, deconstruction is a preferred alternative to demolition. This is because most materials in a building are deconstructible and because property…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- October 6, 2017
Deconstruction vs. Demolition; 4 Primary Benefits
When a business and/or homeowner decides to rebuild or remodel an existing structure, they want to finish the project as soon as possible and at the lowest cost. At first glance, it seems easier and quicker to demolish the building. After all, demolition is the most common method employed today…
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