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Tax Deduction -- December 16, 2022
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) may bring big savings
The Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”) may impact clients of Green Donation Consultants (“GDC”). This article is not tax advice, as eligibility should be determined by a tax professional. The IRA provides incentives to replace certain building materials, appliances, fixtures, and other reusable items. GDC provides appraisals for individuals and businesses…
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Tax Deduction -- November 3, 2021
Fact Sheet on How to Save with Deconstruction
Deconstruction, as it relates to the construction industry, is the process of strategically dismantling a building, home, or virtually any sizeable structure. The purpose of this particular process is to salvage and reuse the functional parts saved via the careful steps involved with deconstruction. Green Donation Consultants supports residential deconstruction…
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Donate Building Materials -- July 21, 2021
Deconstruction In a Hot Real Estate Market
Over the last year and a half, many areas of the country have seen some of the most significant jumps in real estate prices in decades. With prices through the roof, is deconstruction a better deal, or is it more profitable to wait till prices dip? While we aren’t real…
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Donate Building Materials -- June 21, 2021
Smart Tax Planning: How Deconstruction Can Offset Incoming Capital Gains Tax Hikes
Successful Americans are gearing up for some possible significant tax increases, the largest since the 1920s. According to Reuters, the White House proposal details an almost doubling of taxes on capital gains to 39.6% for Americans earning more than $1 million. While this tax rate hike will likely be negotiated…
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Appraisal Process -- May 15, 2021
The Biggest Mistake Clients Make When Calculating Fair Market Value
There are a lot of industry-specific terms when dealing with deconstruction and tax deductions. While you won’t be expected to understand everything, we work with our clients to inform and educate them throughout the process. It is crucial that they have a basic understanding to ask informed questions and understand…
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Donate Building Materials -- March 18, 2021
GDC Q&A Spotlight: Donna Bass, Broker
Donna Bass has more than 20 years of experience in real estate and has been a Broker Associate with Realty One NC, LLC for five years. She primarily works in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, which includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and all surrounding counties. Donna has been kind…
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Donate Building Materials -- February 19, 2021
What Does House Deconstruction Cost?
Anything to do with your home — from minor renovations to full-blown repairs — incurs a cost. When your goal is home deconstruction over demolition, you can’t help but consider the price tag. After all, shouldn’t it cost more to take apart a house than to bulldoze one? You’ll wind…
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Donate Building Materials -- February 8, 2021
Donation FAQ: Where Can I Donate Office Furniture?
Do you know what it takes to move office furniture? The logistics alone take weeks of planning, and then there’s the cost of hiring a moving company; you’re losing money the entire time. Why not donate office furniture to someone in need? Doing so will grant you tax benefits, which…
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Tax Deduction -- November 18, 2020
How 2021 Tax Changes Could Impact Your Donation
Year-end tax planning is upon us. Companies and individuals must use the next few valuable weeks to look at possible deductions, especially given the potential tax changes in 2021. With two runoff elections in Georgia, there is still a lot unknown regarding who will control the Senate. However, if the…
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Tax Deduction -- August 6, 2020
Demolition or Deconstruction- A Monetary Consideration
Demolishing a house can be tough on your wallet. The cost to tear down a house depends on the home’s size — a 1,000 square foot home will cost, on average, $9,000. A 2,000 square foot home is closer to $19,000, and it can get much more expensive depending on…
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