Commercial Deconstruction -- July 1, 2021
3 Construction Industry Waste Statistics That Will Surprise You
It is no secret that the construction industry creates a lot of waste. However, the magnitude of the number of building materials that end up in our community landfills isn’t advertised, and with good reason. Our mission is to help our clients utilize deconstruction to receive significant tax savings and…
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Donate Building Materials -- June 27, 2021
Where Can I Donate Building Materials?
Are you tearing down a piece of real property or undergoing a major renovation? You may notice that demolition produces A LOT of waste. Did you know that a lot of the materials could possibly be reused or refurbished for other uses, and you could save big on your taxes…
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Donate Building Materials -- June 21, 2021
Smart Tax Planning: How Deconstruction Can Offset Incoming Capital Gains Tax Hikes
Successful Americans are gearing up for some possible significant tax increases, the largest since the 1920s. According to Reuters, the White House proposal details an almost doubling of taxes on capital gains to 39.6% for Americans earning more than $1 million. While this tax rate hike will likely be negotiated…
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Appraisal Process -- June 13, 2021
Real Property Appraisals vs. Personal Property Appraisals
For clients to receive a tax deduction for deconstruction, all IRS guidelines need to be followed appropriately. There are several IRS cases brought to court that taxpayers have lost out on their valuable deductions because they did not have the correct appraisal documents. Green Donation Consultants follows all IRS guidelines,…
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Donate Building Materials -- June 6, 2021
Finding a Green Demolition Company
One of the most notable changes in our nation has been the shift in thinking towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices, especially when it comes to construction and demolition. The focus on reusable and recyclable goods inspires individuals and companies to embrace environmentally sustainable options, like green demolition, also known as…
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Donate Building Materials -- May 30, 2021
What Is the Donation Value of Kitchen Cabinets?
After spending months and months inside, many homeowners are opting to renovate at least one area of their homes. One of the most popular renovations occurring is in the kitchen. Many people don't realize that many components of a kitchen can be deconstructed and donated to non-profit organizations, providing the…
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Appraisal Process -- May 24, 2021
Winner of the 2021 Best of Fredericksburg Award: Green Donation Consultants
We are thrilled to announce that Green Donation Consultants has been deemed the "Best in the Burg" Award in the Appraisal category! Each year, the Fredericksburg Award Program chooses local exemplary businesses for recognization. According to their website, "We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various…
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Appraisal Process -- May 15, 2021
The Biggest Mistake Clients Make When Calculating Fair Market Value
There are a lot of industry-specific terms when dealing with deconstruction and tax deductions. While you won’t be expected to understand everything, we work with our clients to inform and educate them throughout the process. It is crucial that they have a basic understanding to ask informed questions and understand…
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Appraisal Process -- May 7, 2021
What Is an IRS-Approved Appraiser?
One of the terms you may encounter when seeking out deconstruction services is an IRS-approved appraiser, or more commonly known, a qualified appraiser. Things can get a bit confusing, as many appraisal companies will use similar terms but avoid the word “qualified” if they lack the proper designation. To get…
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Go Green -- April 24, 2021
Why Green Donations Make a Bigger Impact
There are a lot of ways that you can donate. Whether it is going through your closet to clear out some clothes that no longer fit or donating building materials during a renovation, you are making an impact on your community and the environment. It is important to walk into…
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