Commercial Deconstruction -- April 15, 2021
What Does Deconstruction Look Like?
Green Donation Consultants partners with deconstruction teams across the country with our green mission in mind. We look at every project as an opportunity to save the planet while providing benefits to the client at the same time. Deconstruction is still a relatively new concept to many homeowners, commercial professionals,…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- April 5, 2021
How to Achieve a Zero-Waste Office Renovation
At Green Donation Consultants, we recently underwent an office redesign, thanks to our growing team! We approached this office renovation with the goal of making it zero-waste, utilizing what we had, and reusing office furniture from other businesses. Not only did we end up with an excellent outcome, but it…
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Appraisal Process -- April 1, 2021
What Is Fair Market Value?
One of the most common questions that arise while clients review their appraisal is, "What is fair market value?" It is commonly misunderstood as the price that someone paid for an item initially, but that isn't true. It is important to note that fair market value (FMV) is much different…
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Appraisal Process -- March 24, 2021
Green Demolition: The Benefits are Far-Reaching
When deciding between traditional demolition and green demolition, known as deconstruction, you may be looking at the pros and cons. It can seem so much more straightforward to knock a residential or commercial building down, clean up, start with a clean slate. While traditional demolition may be faster, you are…
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Donate Building Materials -- March 18, 2021
GDC Q&A Spotlight: Donna Bass, Broker
Donna Bass has more than 20 years of experience in real estate and has been a Broker Associate with Realty One NC, LLC for five years. She primarily works in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, which includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and all surrounding counties. Donna has been kind…
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Appraisal Process -- March 5, 2021
The Dangers of Choosing the Wrong Appraisal Firm
So you have already decided to deconstruct your property, but now you need to choose an appraisal firm to complete the necessary paperwork for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). How do you know what appraisal firm is better than another? Picking the wrong personal property appraisal firm can have serious…
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Residential Deconstruction -- February 25, 2021
How to Increase Your Renovation Budget
Have you found your dream home, but the kitchen needs some updating? Are you a builder who is looking at purchasing a teardown property? Or perhaps you are a multifamily building owner who needs to upgrade some large amenities? There is a way you can increase your renovation budget, providing…
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Donate Building Materials -- February 19, 2021
What Does House Deconstruction Cost?
Anything to do with your home — from minor renovations to full-blown repairs — incurs a cost. When your goal is home deconstruction over demolition, you can’t help but consider the price tag. After all, shouldn’t it cost more to take apart a house than to bulldoze one? You’ll wind…
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Donate Building Materials -- February 8, 2021
Donation FAQ: Where Can I Donate Office Furniture?
Do you know what it takes to move office furniture? The logistics alone take weeks of planning, and then there’s the cost of hiring a moving company; you’re losing money the entire time. Why not donate office furniture to someone in need? Doing so will grant you tax benefits, which…
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Residential Deconstruction -- February 4, 2021
How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Deconstruction
Deconstruction allows buyers to afford more, prevents sales delays, and takes no additional effort or cost on behalf of the agent. Real estate is a highly competitive field. Clients are looking for an agent that has the knowledge, skill, and experience to assist them in saving money. Deconstruction gives you…
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