Commercial Deconstruction -- January 27, 2021
Benefits of Commercial Deconstruction
Investing in commercial deconstruction leads to higher property valuations and "greener pastures" as a differentiated leader in real estate development. New commercial real estate development typically has been about creating a “clean slate” via demolition before developing a property. Realizing users appreciated and generally paid higher rents for unique properties…
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Go Green -- January 21, 2021
How to Show Our Planet Gratitude This New Year
January is a great time to go through all your old items, do some cleaning and organizing, but it can generate a lot of waste. Between clearing out unwanted gifts, more boxes from online shopping, and old clothing, it is astounding how much we toss after November and December. However,…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- January 12, 2021
How Builders Benefit From Deconstruction
How builders can take advantage of deconstruction and donation benefits to grow their brand and their business.  Why Should Builders Choose Deconstruction Deconstruction allows builders to offer more value to buyers and the deconstruction process takes virtually no additional effort on behalf of the builder. Residential remodeling and development is…
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Tax Deduction -- November 18, 2020
How 2021 Tax Changes Could Impact Your Donation
Year-end tax planning is upon us. Companies and individuals must use the next few valuable weeks to look at possible deductions, especially given the potential tax changes in 2021. With two runoff elections in Georgia, there is still a lot unknown regarding who will control the Senate. However, if the…
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Donate Building Materials -- November 12, 2020
Creative Ways to Repurpose Building Materials
Each year, a staggering 136 million tons worth of old construction and demolition materials wind up in local dumps and landfills. Construction waste accounts for nearly half of landfill waste. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little creativity and ingenuity, repurposed building materials can add flair…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- November 6, 2020
Hotel Furniture Donation: All You Need to Know
Where do hotels donate their old furniture during a remodel? It’s a question many of us have had over the years, and if you run a hotel, you’ve likely considered your options more than once. It would be such a waste to toss old chairs or dressers in the trash…
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Go Green -- October 29, 2020
How to Be Green on Halloween
Halloween is a favorite holiday for many. It’s a time to let loose, dress up in fun or scary costumes, and eat a ton of candy that might make your mom cry out in terror. It’s also a time when waste is widespread. Think for a second about all the…
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Residential Deconstruction -- October 12, 2020
Meet The Happy Boolo Project: Deconstruction In Action
The Happy Boolo Project started back in 1994 when Amy and Mike drove more than 45 miles for some nostalgic broccoli cheese bites at the former Polo Club. They have taken their passion for good food, combined it with an adventure for renovation, and passion for community to create The…
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Go Green -- October 5, 2020
5 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly
These days, we’re all looking for unique ways to reduce waste. They call it “going green” or being more “eco-friendly.” But what is this eco-friendly business all about? By doing your part, you can help our planet thrive. But more so than anything else, you’re helping your local community through…
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Furniture Donation -- September 23, 2020
How Can I Find Office Furniture Recycling Near Me?
Like most companies amid office relocation, you’re torn on what to do with old office furniture. You’re asking yourself, “Where can I find office furniture recycling near me?” daily, with no luck. Before you take the easy route — i.e., tossing your old furniture in the trash — consider making…
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