Donate Building Materials -- November 24, 2019
How Deconstructing a Home Makes Environmental and Financial Sense
Recycling a home makes environmental sense as well as economic sense. When a home suffers from too many structural issues to renovate efficiently, there is an opportunity to adopt a green way to approach the task of a teardown. building destroy, material waste, demolition Recycling or Deconstruction Helps the Environment…
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Tax Deduction -- August 17, 2018
How Deconstruction Can Help Win Demolition Services Contracts
For construction companies that offer demolition services, winning business and delivering high-quality service at an acceptable price keeps them afloat. When the quality or variety of services is undifferentiated between construction companies in the same region, construction companies become locked in a bidding war for buyers who choose the lowest…
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Donate Building Materials -- August 2, 2018
How to Donate Building Materials
When remodeling, cleaning, downsizing, demolishing, or deconstructing, property owners wind up with an abundance of building materials that are on their way to a local landfill. You don’t want to create waste and let those repurposable materials unnecessarily be thrown out when there is still value in them. Instead of…
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Tax Deduction -- July 26, 2018
Deconstruction and Green Demolition for Hotels
Hotels are practically omnipresent, and real estate investors, franchisees, and independent owners of hotels struggle to maintain a competitive advantage in the fast-paced and continuously renewing industry. With new hotels developing everywhere, owners and operators have to invest a great deal in order to ensure that their hospitality properties keep…
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Tax Deduction -- July 19, 2018
Deconstruction: The Environmentally-Friendly Path in Construction
When things go up, they have to come down eventually, and there are two ways this can happen: demolition or deconstruction. What’s the difference? Demolition is one of the most hazardous processes to our planet, whereas deconstruction aims to reduce the environmental footprint through recycling and reusing materials. Although demolition…
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Residential Deconstruction -- July 12, 2018
How Deconstruction Can Benefit Real Estate Agents and Their Clients
Imagine you have clients who want to renovate or rebuild their properties but they are struggling to come to terms with the substantial costs. Traditionally, clients undergoing this process, and real estate agents helping them, have strictly looked at costly demolition processes to clear away the undesired property. The high…
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Donate Building Materials -- July 5, 2018
Top 3 Eco-Friendly Donations You Can Make
Donating is an excellent way to give back. But did you know there are some easy ways that you can not only donate to a good cause but also help keep our planet healthy as well? Working with specific charities including Good Will and Habitat for Humanity, as well as…
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Donate Building Materials -- June 27, 2018
Top 3 Benefits of Deconstruction
When most people think about tearing down a home, they typically think about demolition. That is the complete leveling of a home using large construction equipment. It isn’t often that they think about deconstruction, a much more eco-friendly alternative. Green Donation Consultants is one of the only organizations that provides…
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Furniture Donation -- February 15, 2018
The Ultimate Guide to Donating Office Furniture
In the current economic climate, companies, schools, government agencies, and other entities may find themselves reorganizing or moving. And for some other organizations, regrettably, they will be shutting down their offices.  Whatever the reason for an office move, it’s important to maximize the value of the furniture, fixtures, and electronics…
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Residential Deconstruction -- December 28, 2017
5 Reasons Why Deconstruction Is Not As Expensive As You Think
If you are just beginning to learn about deconstruction, you may have heard about the tax benefits it offers. By preserving the value of the fixtures and furnishings in your deconstructed space and donating them, you garner a valuable tax deduction that helps to offset the cost of the deconstruction…
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