Donate Building Materials -- September 9, 2020
Where Can I Donate Construction Materials?
Knowing how and where to donate construction materials is vital if your goal is to save money and receive a tax break. If your goal is to obtain your tax benefits for 2020,  you’re running out of time. December 31st is called a ‘red-letter day,’ which means it is the…
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Tax Deduction -- August 6, 2020
Demolition or Deconstruction- A Monetary Consideration
Demolishing a house can be tough on your wallet. The cost to tear down a house depends on the home’s size — a 1,000 square foot home will cost, on average, $9,000. A 2,000 square foot home is closer to $19,000, and it can get much more expensive depending on…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- August 1, 2020
6 Surprising Components You Wouldn’t Think are Deconstructable But Are…
Earlier this month, we wrote about four reasons why deconstruction has several advantages over demolition. One of the benefits was that salvaged materials can be repurposed or salvaged for future use. You may not believe it at first glance, but according to Maura McCarthy of BluHomes, 75 to 90% of…
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Tax Deduction -- July 30, 2020
When Is Form 8283 Required?
When Is Form 8283 Required? Deconstruction is a great way to get a sizable tax write-off, but it has to be accounted for correctly and according to the IRS’s rules to ensure that you receive that benefit. IRS Form 8283 is the documentation required to complete your tax deduction related…
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Donate Building Materials -- July 28, 2020
Donate Building Supplies, Save The Earth (and Your Money!)
If you’ve decided to deconstruct your home instead of demolishing it, the next step is to figure out where to donate the resulting building supplies. There are many organizations that will take the building materials off your hands, but it’s important to choose the right one. A reputable deconstruction company…
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Donate Building Materials -- July 28, 2020
The Process of Deconstructing Your Home
The Process of Deconstructing Your Home If you are thinking about deconstructing a house for building materials, there are several things to consider before making the decision. Take an assessment of your home: when was it built? Houses built after 1950 tend to be less suited to deconstruction due to…
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Tax Deduction -- July 8, 2020
Definition of Fair Market Value for Charitable Donations
Charitable giving provides a justified reward for people seeking to donate. But with many different methods of donating, countless charitable organizations to donate to, and the need for accurate tax report filing, the crux of charitable donations often lies in the fair market value. Qualifying Organizations for Charitable Donation Tax…
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Commercial Deconstruction -- July 1, 2020
Deconstruction – Construction in Reverse
What Is Deconstruction and How Is It Done? Demolition, completely tearing down an existing structure with no intention of reusing or recycling any of the materials, with the aim of making way for a new structure or the sale of the subsequent empty lot, is quick. But one should not…
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Residential Deconstruction -- June 24, 2020
3 Benefits of Deconstruction
3 Benefits of Deconstruction – Environmental, Societal, and Financial Deconstruction is a significant part of modern green building initiatives. The term might appear to be new, but this method of saving materials to be used for building new structures has been around for as long as construction. Material sourcing used…
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Tax Deduction -- June 18, 2020
IRS Form 8283
IRS Form 8283 and the Cost Basis—Loube v. Commissioner Have you decided to deconstruct and donate your real property? Taking your structure apart, piece by piece, and donating to a qualified 501(c)(3) charity can produce a significant tax refund. To ensure you not only get your refund, but also optimize…
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